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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

How to Beat the Heat -- Or Not

In last week's Time Out they had a little write up about Blue Pig Ice Cream which just opened up in Brooklyn Heights. It seemed positive and my mind started visualizing a place with country charm or perhaps boardwalk kitsch. Well, I'm not so sure it has either. The New York Times writes about it today. And on the Chowhound Boards they weren't too positive:

Reminded me a bit of a Baskin Robbins - they had blue ice cream with m&m's that they described as vanilla ice cream with m&ms and blue food dye and a few chocolate flavors - some with m&ms - as well as the obligatory mint chocolate chip.

I stopped by last night, but was not particularly impressed. Maybe I'm too into the natural food kick, but I was put off by the bright, artificial colors; artificial flavors; and use of plastic cone holders. Plus, the ice cream I ate had a distinct "iciness" to it - it was more like ice milk (low milk fat content?) than ice cream.

What a bummer, but I still plan on going to check it out for myself.

Blue Pig is located at 60 Henry Street, 718-596-6301


Blogger meresy_g said...

Hmmm....an ice cream place with the word pig in the name. Don't think that's gonna work out. Might as just well say 'fat ass'.

9:59 AM

Anonymous CPC said...

The same guy who started the Blue Pig runs a choice coffee shop out in Westchester called the Black Cow (he's really got a theme going here). My wife used to carouse there in high school so naturally she was really excited when she heard about the Pig....until we ate there. While the ice cream was decent, the brightly colored flavors and all blue decor were pretty off putting...not sure if we'll go back (but I would recommend the Cow).

8:25 PM

Blogger theblognut said...

i don't know what's up with my last comment...it still only shows 1...i hate computers

11:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dunno whats wrong w/ the rest of these people on here? ice cream is great in whatever form...and you dont often get it homemade. i've nothing to say about the pig, but positive feedback...it has thoroughly satisfied my cravings and i continue to go back. they make a good mudslide coffee shake...suits me fine. and the guy behind the counter? yeah, yummier than the ice cream!

10:03 PM


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