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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Home Style Cooking at Maggie Brown

Clinton Hill's Maggie Brown, replete with velvet Victorian wallpaper and retro chandeliers, is designed to make you feel like you're at your grandmother's old house. Somehow that aspect works.

Home-spun food, with an international twist, is the name of the game at Maggie Brown. Sometimes this can be just what you want on a Sunday night when the thought of returning to work on Monday puts butterflies in your stomach. And sometimes home-style cooking can be, well, too homey, which was my experience this past Sunday. Don't get me wrong the taste was there -- from the crispy fried chicken to the coffee ice cream sunday with chocolate sauce and pecans. However, I wasn't pleased with the grains of sand and dirt left in the Swiss chard and the chunks of fat mixed in with the shredded short ribs. Did I mention the mashed potatoes were cold? That's something my grandmother would never do.

I want to like this place because we all have that need for comfort food. The fried chicken is a real treat, the short ribs are tender and tastey and they have a delicious organic brown ale on tap. Main courses are reasonably priced around $15.00. Now if they could just put that same love into food preparation that dear old grandmother does, we'd have something to write home about.

Maggie Brown is located at 455 Myrtle Avenue at Washington Avenue. 718-643-7001.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, the food is decent. The service is horrendous. I've left once there after not having a waiter come within 25 minutes of being sitted, I've been left standing at the front door for 22 minutes with 3 different people telling me "someone will seat you shortly" and no one ever came, and the third time, I got a seat, but waited forever for the food.

12:50 PM

Anonymous Tara said...

I can't speak for dinner, but I can comment on brunch. FOH service sucks in Brooklyn in almost every restaurant I've been to. Fort Greene, Boereum Hill, and Cobble Hill, suffer from this malady more than Park Slope I must say. I live right across the street from Maggie Browns, and think that they offer the best brunch in the neighborhood. Their bloody mary's are phenomenal. There is only one server, and the restaurant is rather small, so often you have to wait, and if the garden is open, well order two bloody mary's when the server finnally has a free moment. The price can't be beat.

11:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just left brunch at Maggie Brown's. Food was great, service was god-awful. About 10 minutes after our plates were cleared, the server came over, picked up her tip, and asked us to leave because "we have a huge line and need your table." I will never eat there again. I was horrified!

2:15 PM


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