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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More Than Bocce Ball at Union Hall

I've been reading a lot about Union Hall since it recently opened in Park Slope. Based on the reviews, there seemed to be too much going on, perhaps unfocused, to really appeal to me. Looking for a place to eat after my shift at the Co-op (it's down the street), I literally stumbled upon Union Hall. From across the street I thought "Well that place looks cozy."

Once inside, any reservations I had about the place dissipated. Overall, Union Hall is successfully executed. The finishes are high quality and the place is comfortable. Although the most unique features are the two bocce ball "lanes," the rest of the space is decorated as a grand, yet comfortable library you could imagine in one of the brownstone mansions nearby. Victorian sofas add to the feeling of warmth and for me the fireplace in the winter is the biggest attraction.

Although the beer selection is fairly standard, some draft standouts are Six Points Brownstone ale (from Red Hook), Boddingtons and Lagunitas India Pale Ale, not to mention $3.00 cans of PBR and Schlitz. The food menu is eclectic with much of the food infused by beer or liquor. Burgers are always a good benchmark for pub grub. Union Hall's burgers come as three small, not mini, burgers known as the "Triple Threat." They were quite delicious. The patties themselves are sirloin beef mixed with scallions, smoked bacon and Guinness. Each is served with its own topping: Vermont cheddar, barbequed jalapenos and mushrooms. I liked each one. The only downside was that the burgers were served with chips, not fries. For $11.00 they ought to throw some fries on the plate.

According to the bartender, the flatbread with herbed cream cheese and duck confit, as well as the saga blue cheese balls coated in Apple Cinnamon Cheerios of all things are knockouts. I'll save those for winter by the fireplace.

Union Hall is located at 702 Union Street, 718-638-4400.


Blogger meresy_g said...

I could buy a case of PBR here for $3. Please tell me you would never ever shell out 3 bucks for Schlitz. The cheerio cheese balls are interesting. I might have to experiment with that one.

9:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great setting and ideal on a weeknight. Issue is the frat crowd that descends on a weekend. Too bad. That being said, nice space.

7:53 PM


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