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Monday, March 05, 2007

Mmm, Pupusas

What more is there to say about melted cheese and pork rind between two corn tortillas than mmmm. The pupusa is a gem of a national dish from El Salvador stuffed with sometimes just soft Salvadorean cheese or cheese and chicharron (pork rind). They can also be stuffed with chicken and/or refried beans or practically any combination of the above ingredients.

When I was in El Salvador a couple of years ago I stuffed (stuff being the operative word of the post) my face with these cheesey and gooey morsels. You can find them on practically every street corner being grilled in the open air for mere pennies. The grilling imparts a nice char to the tortilla and the finishing touches are fresh shredded cabbage and a tomatoey hot sauce.

I've never really been able to find that same smoky and luscious taste from the streets of El Salvador here in the U.S., but the pupusas at El Salvador Restaurant in Bushwick come close. The fried yucca is also great. The restaurant itself will make you feel like you've hopped on a Taca flight to the country.

El Salvador Restaurant is located at 276 Knickerbocker Ave., 718-821-7269.

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Blogger Richard said...

You can get pupusas at the Red Hook ballfields when the weather turns warmer. There are a couple of vendors there, both of whom serve up tasty ones.

2:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I visited El Salvador Restaurant recently for the first time. Having lived in El Salvador for several months, I became a Pupusitarian, gaining 10 pounds--that chicharron goes straight to my thighs. I can attest that these are as good as they were on the streets of Santa Tecla!

12:35 AM

Blogger vanessa said...

Oh man! you have made my day! I just moved to Brooklyn from San Francisco and I've been searching high and low for a pupuseria in my hood. I can only hope they're as good as the ones back in the motherland! and props to the person who commented above; the best pupusas i've ever eaten were in Santa Tecla.

10:56 AM


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