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Friday, July 29, 2005

Cafe Regular a Place to Transport You

My Favorite Cafe

Everyone has one. A place that whisks you away to
another place (induced by caffeine). A place where
you feel at once at home. If you're like me,exploring
the nooks and crannies of the city to find the right
coffee retreat, no place is too far off the beaten
path for the perfect cup of java. My exploring took me
to Cafe Regular, nowhere near where I live, yet I
find myself there more Saturday mornings than not.

Cafe Regular is a tiny place in South Slope. With
hints in the decor of European train stations in
the 1930s, my mind can wander to a continent where
I once lived. What's even better though is the coffee.
They serve La Colombe. I was first turned on to La
Colombe Torrefaction when I was a student in
Philadelphia. It's a coffee roasting company
started in Philadelphia by two Frenchmen. Now
many of the finest restaurants in the Northeast
serve it. (You can also buy it online.) Their Nizza
espresso roast has a flavor that is rich and
full-bodied and creates that perfect crema.

The clincher is the creamy foam. Not weak
and watery foamy foam. Thick and rich creamy
foam. So thick and creamy in fact that the
barista can make heart shapes in it.
How in love am I with this coffee? So much so
that I think it's the best little cafe in New York
and well worth going out of my way for.

Cafe Regular is located on 11th Street between 4th
and 5th Avenues.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I completely agree on the excellency of both the coffee shop and the coffee beans. This place belongs in a much bigger space though. The seating arrangments are tight and you literally can't read a normal size book and have your coffee at the same time in the table. Yet the place is always packed and people manage to read news papers and use their laptaps. i usually stuff my pile of books on the floor while i have my coffee.

1:58 PM


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