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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Like a Magnet, DiFara's Pizza Pulls

I'm reticent to write even one single word about pizza. In New York, pizza is a hotly debated topic, right up there will real estate. The best pizza in New York is, not only a personal, but also an unending debate. But...

But there is something about DiFara's that keeps me going there when I know there are so many other wonderful pizzerias in the borough to try like Totonno's or newcomers like Peperoncino. It could be the owner, Dom, himself who treats each pizza like a work of art, taking his time, and dousing the final product with olive oil. It could be the combination of the fresh mozzarella, bufala mozzarella and freshly grated parmeggiano. It could be the piping hot oven that is neither wood nor coal burning that turns out a perfectly charred crust that Dom skillfully pulls from the oven with his bare hands. Maybe it's the basil that grows on the window sill. Or maybe it's the feeling of having discovered an old-world hole in the wall far off the beaten tourist path. I don't know.

Alas, the secret is out. With write ups everywhere: here, here and the list goes on. In fact, DiFara's is ON the tourist path. I was there Saturday afternoon and discovered a line longer than I had ever seen before. I waited about an hour for a pie. That is nothing compared to the man next to me at the counter who had called and ordered 2 hours before arriving and still had to wait an hour. I must say though, it was worth it.

I had this fear that the popularity of DiFara's would ruin it, but so far it has not.

Now the question is, can I tear myself away to try the other great pizzerias in the borough?

DiFara's is located at 1424 Avenue J at E. 15th St. 718-258-1367 (don't bother calling ahead.)


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