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Monday, September 19, 2005

Memories of Zwetschgenkuchen

You might be wondering what Zwetschgenkuchen is. About this time of year Italian plums start making an appearance at farmer's markets. My favorite way of eating them is sliced on a torte or, in German, Zwetsgchengkuchen (now try saying it fast 10 times.) Baking the plums concentrates the flavor and the cake absorbs the juices.

My grandmother was famous throughout our family for her Zwetschgenkuchen. She unfortunately never left a written recipe for the torte. So I've been combing through books and the internet ever since she died to find the right recipe. My cousin and I have been experimenting. Most of the recipes I've come across include yeast, although my grandmother's did not. Her way provided a moist, crumbly and buttery dough. This time of the year not only gets me experimenting, but conjuring up memories of my grandmother too.

Here are a few recipes. The first is a yeastless one from Gourmet.:


Blogger meresy_g said...

Are those the little blue football shaped plums that kind of look like they have a white-ish dustiness to them? With Yellow flesh?

10:56 AM

Blogger EFB said...


11:05 AM

Anonymous Tina said...

Apparently, there is a great recipe for a plum crumble in the Times Dining section this week that the author claims is better than his plum torte (which was reprinted a zillion times).

3:58 PM

Blogger EFB said...

Thanks for the tip. Would like to try that NY Times recipe out. I think my grandmother's torte was similar to a crumble.

11:30 AM


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