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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Nosh Brings You Home on Atlantic Ave

With 1950s bubble-gum pop music playing, bright red and white colors and classic-looking display cases, Nosh tries to capture the Brooklyn of yesteryear. Nosh, as you can guess by the name, serves up Jewish comfort food. Upon entering you'll be greeted with a "Welcome Home."

The owner is enthusiastic and the concept is fun, but I suspect it is still being ironed out. I tried the latkes with sour cream and apple sauce. They were too thin and overcooked, making them crunchy and almost burnt. The grilled footlong hotdog is a far cry from the regular boiled hotdog which I was served originally by mistake leading me to believe the kitchen staff is still catching on. The sauerkraut has a nice tang and reminds me of the kind you get at ballparks, an intentional effect I imagine.

Nosh claims to serve 100% Brooklyn foods from sources like Acme Smoked Fish, Beigels Baking Company and D'amico Coffee among others.

Nosh is not Kosher and has typical delicatessen foods like pastrami, beef brisket, and gefilte fish, not to mention Ruebens and "knocks" (knockwurst).

Desserts are baked on the premises by pastry chef Alice Cronin and that's looking like one of the best reasons to go. However, given the enthusiasm and quality-sourced ingredients, I'm willing to give Nosh a chance to become my second home.

Nosh is located at 214 Atlantic Avenue at Court St. (718) 596 2328


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