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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Late Night Dining Option: Spuyten Duyvil

If you know Williamsburg's Spuyten Duyvil, you most likely know them for their incredible beer selection. With the largest part of their expertly-selected beers hailing from Belgium, Spuyten Duyvil also has a a long list of beer from England, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Japan and more. An avid beer drinker myself, I hadn't heard of most of them. The Belgian beers are even categorized by region. In my opinion, Belgian beers are the best in the world and I enjoy them as much as the next person, but having had my fill of brews earlier in the night, I went to Spuyten Duyvil for the food.

It's easy to walk right by the bar on a somewhat rundown stretch of Metropolitan Avenue. From the outside Spuyten Duyvil looks like a local bodega just about to close, but once inside it exudes a comfortable European Bohemia that only a place like Williamsburg could support so unselfconsciously. While most people are there to be wowed by the great beers, don't miss out on their food options. When a late-night slice of pizza or a taco just won't do, Spuyten Duyvil may hit the spot.

While I think the selection changes on a regular basis, on offer are an assortment of charcuterie, cheeses and pates -- 3 for $10.00 or 1 for $4.00. The same person who pulls the draft also slices the bread, so the wait may be a little longer than expected. It couldn't have been a greater joy to choose as a late-night snack a delicious Gloucester cheese, a truffle-flavored Pecorino, bresaola and spicy salami, the artichoke and mushroom pate as well as the pate de campagne. All served with a bountiful basket of crusty bread.

Spuyten Duyvil is located at 359 Metropolitan Avenue, 718-963-4140.


Anonymous Mike said...

Sounds right up my alley. We must go!

2:00 PM


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