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Monday, February 06, 2006

New Product Alert: Dalmatia Fig Spread

Hailing from the coast of Croatia (the cleanest coast in the Mediterranean says the label), I'm not sure when Dalmatia Fig Spread first appeared in the U.S. Maybe it isn't new at all, but I first came across it around Christmas time at Blue Apron and last week I grabbed a jar at Union Market.

Ever since trying cherry preserve with a ewe's milk cheese at a Paris restaurant about 8 years ago, one of my favorite desserts is some combination of fruit spread and cheese. I'm hooked on Dalmatia Fig Spread with Spanish manchego.

The folks at Blue Apron suggested trying it with blue cheese and the product label suggests goat cheese, no matter how you spread it, this stuff is delicious.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't speak for the Fig spread but the coast of Croatia in the south has the cleanest, clearest water (for a major sea) I have seen in a long time.

11:55 AM

Blogger meresy_g said...

Don't know about the stuff from Croatia, but every summer I buy Fig preserves when we are on vacation. They are a southern staple, as most gardens included a fig tree. I have a recipe for an old-time fig cake that I use them in that is really good. I'll have to try the preserves with cheese. Sounds yummy.

12:37 PM

Blogger EFB said...

I wish I could grow a fig tree in Brooklyn.

3:59 PM

Blogger meresy_g said...

You can. A Brown Turkey fig tree will grow there, although to be on the safe side, I would wrap it or protect it somehow in the winter. I think the Brown Turkey is hardy in Zone 6. What zone are you? I think 6. When I lived in West Chester, there was an Italian family that had an enormous fig tree in their yard and they wrapped it in black plastic for the winter.

10:43 AM


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