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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Brooklyn's Restaurant Row

The New York Metro newspaper's "Cool in Your Code" section takes a visit to Smith Street, in the newly coined neighborhood BoCoCa (Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens). Alan Harding, "founding father" of Brooklyn's restaurant row, takes the paper on a tour of his restaurants in the area. While I question the lazy journalism of letting a chef shamelessly plug his very own establishments, they might be worth a taste. (Sorry, no link available):

Patois: A French bistro best known for "glistening steak au poivre with golden, crispy
frites and simple fish dishes with sultry light sauces." 255 Smith Street, 718-855-1535

Update: These thoughts crossed my mind: Having never eaten at Patois, how does it compare to Bar Tabac, a favorite on the Chowhound boards? Also, Cafe Luluc on Smith Street with its fair prices is always a solid bet. The molten chocolate cake for dessert has been hit or miss for me, but when it hits, it hits hard.

La Rosa & Sons: "A classic Italian pizzeria," where Harding says "it’s all in how you use the toppings." 98 Smith Street, 718-935-0545

Pacifico: "A spunky Mexican cantina" where the nachos are "dripping with cheese and the pomegranate margarita is a refreshing summer hit." 269 Pacific Street, 718-935-9090

Schnack: This is Harding's latest creation in the nabe. One specialty is a "beer shake" made with chocolate or vanilla ice cream and chicory stout. I love root beer floats and this sounds like a cousin, so I’d be willing to give it a try.

Bar recommendations from the paper:

Floyd: "Indoor bocce ball, beer cheese and lots more!"
131 Atlantic Avenue

Kili: "Signature drinks by the fire and live poetry performances." My two cents: I ventured here one snowy day after work and was pleasantly surprised to have the fireplace to myself. However, I made the mistake of ordering the food. It was uninspired and dull. The décor depending on your mood can either be a fun, homey hang out or a place that feels like a finished off suburban basement that isn't quite finished if you know what I mean.
81 Hoyt Street

My favorite bar

As far as bars go, my favorite in the area is the Brooklyn Inn -- a lot of warmth and history, incredible jukebox and nice assortment of beers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In 'Brooklyn's Restaurant Row', this is pretty outdated as Schnack has been open for more than 2 years. Pioneer Beer Hall opened last year, and I beleive that GYC opened before both. I think he is also an owner of the new 'diner' that is part of the Pacifico / La Rosa complex.

1:02 PM


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