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Monday, January 22, 2007

The L Magazine on Williamsburg's Zenkichi

We started with three plates and two sakes: mine, a rich, cloudy nigori; hers, described as marshmallowy on the menu. Our first plate, Monkfish with Foie Gras in Ponzu ($7), was rolled tightly and sliced into disks. This was an eye-opener, as the delicate flavors of fish and foie melded in the exuberant ponzu. Up next was Eel and Cream Cheese Tempura ($8) — what I would imagine great Japanese food to be: sweet and crunchy with the sparkle of the sea. Our third dish, humble Aged Ashi Tofu ($9), was the best tofu I’ve ever eaten. Homemade daily, it had the luscious texture of crème brulee, nutty undertones of sesame, lightly fried, served in a sprightly dashi stock.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The question is: what about the cleanse?! You HAVE to take me here; it sounds brilliant.


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