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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sanaa, New Yemeni Spot on Atlantic Avenue

From the Village Voice:

Sanaa aims to function as the Middle Eastern diner of choice on this stretch of Atlantic, competing with older Lebanese and Syrian establishments. Thus, the menu features salads, bread dips, shish kebabs, and vegetarian entrées galore, in addition to the Yemeni stuff. There are what seem to be inventions, too.


Blogger annulla said...

I walked past Saana yesterday but didn't stop in (I was running home from Sahadi's and trying to beat the rain). Have you tried it yet?

2:02 AM

Blogger EFB said...

I actually did try it. I tried the lamb kafta. It was a lot of fun to eat. It's like a lamb stew. They bring out some spicey sauce separately and you add however much you want. It's served alongside two big rounds of flatbread.

The service just couldn't be friendlier, but the decor really leaves a lot to be desired. I imagine once they get established they'll work on that aspect!

4:39 PM


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