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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Beef With Tran Fats

According to the Daily News, McDonald's plans to cut trans fats in Europe but not the U.S. In all honesty I eat at McDonald's about once every 2 years if that and it's usually when I'm so hunger stricken that I have no choice but to give in. But I would like to ask McDonald's why they don't treat American consumers to the same level of health consciousness as their European customers? Don't we deserve it?

What really irks me though about the trans fats debate is how food manufacturers skirt truth in their labelling. Half the time I read the nutrition information on the back of bag of chips or cookies, it says 0 Trans Fats. Great! I think. Not so fast. Upon reading the actual ingredients I see some partially hydrogenated oil listed, a main source of trans fats. So how can a company claim 0 trans fats and still use a partially hydrogenated oil? According to the FDA, 0.5 grams is a reportable amount of trans fats. So under that allows for 0 trans fats on the label. From what I've read even that is too much.

If eating trans fats is like tying a noose around your arteries, why allow any at all?


Anonymous michael m said...

i completely agree. trans fats are my current obsession. i feel that ANY food service, restaurants and processed foods, should be subject to some law making it mandatory to notify consumers of trans fats. i'm leery of eating french fries from local dumps now because so many of those places use cheap, hydrogenated frying oils. you've touched a nerve with this one.

11:16 AM


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