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Monday, August 01, 2005

Village Voice Highlights Brooklyn Farmers Markets

Most of us agree. Fresh, locally grown and raised produce and meat is incomparable. It's the way I prefer to shop and eat. Luckily, Brooklynites don't have to go far. The Village Voice's favorite Brooklyn farmer's markets are Red Hook, Grand Army Plaza and Fort Greene Park. I've tried the fresh garlic and onions at one of the Grand Army stands. The fresh garlic added a whole new dimension to the classic aglio e olio pasta dish. I'm hooked. From the Village Voice:

"Many New York chefs rely on the Farmer's Market in Union Square for the best produce in season. Especially now that smaller menus that change daily, or almost daily, are in style, it's the equivalent of going out to the farm for inspiration. But residents and restaurant owners of Brooklyn know you can keep it really local by shopping at neighborhood greenmarkets which are getting bigger and better rapidly."

My general sense is that the Brooklyn farmer's markets are focused exclusively on food, with the occasional flower and plant stand, while the Union Square market is becoming just as much a destination for arts and crafts as food.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Ft. Greene market is a great resource, in that it brings fruit and veg to a neighborhood that is radically underserved in those areas. But, frankly, the quality is not high, there's little pretence that it's all organic, and many times it's equally obvious that the fruit and veg are not from the farms that are supposedly supplying the market, or if they are, they weren't picked extraordinarily recently. You can get as good or better fruit and veg in a decent supermarket. Unfortunately, there are no decent supermarkets in Fort Greene.

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