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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Something's Brewing in Red Hook

Recently some friends from Philadelphia, a good beer town, came to visit me and commented on the lack of good microbrews in New York. Drink Brooklyn Lager I told them. Well now, looks like we'll have one more to choose from. From the New York Times:

"Shane C. Welch and Andrew Bronstein call their brewery Six Point Craft Ales, from a symbol that once signified high quality in European brews. The beers from the brewery, a pocket-size place at 40 Van Dyke Street (Dwight Street) in Red Hook, Brooklyn, are refreshing, especially lighter ones like Sweet Action, with an alluringly tart fruitiness suggestive of a hefe-weizen, and Abigail, which is similar to a Belgian pale ale."

Most microbrews I've tried that try to make a hefe-weizen or Belgian ale only approximate a pale comparison, but I'm excited to give these guys a try.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've seen it for sale at Pioneer Bar on Van Brunt Street, near the brewery. Good stuff!

4:48 PM


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