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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

"Brilliant" Dim Sum in Brooklyn

Just catching up after my vacation. From the Village Voice:

"...lately Hong Kong -- style restaurants have been appearing off the grid, especially along Brooklyn's N train route. In particular, there's World Tong, a glitzy, red-dragoned place that occupies an obscure corner in New Utrecht. Typical of these restaurants, the interior features a humongous color transparency of Hong Kong harbor ablaze with light, and enough marble to furnish a Roman emperor's mausoleum. And the waiters, when they speak English, sometimes do so with a slight and somewhat comical British accent. Also typical of these eateries, the lengthy evening menu spans many styles of Chinese cookery, from Sino-American egg foo yong to pork chop Peking-style to Sichuan diced chicken with hot pepper to a surprisingly good moo shoo pork."


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