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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Promising Malaysian in Sunset Park: Village Voice

From the Village Voice:
Belachan's massive menu might be described as Sino-Malaysian, since it includes all sorts of regional Chinese fare—not only the adapted dishes brought to the archipelago centuries ago by Chinese immigrants now known as Nonya ("grandma") cuisine, but also ones found in neighborhood Cantonese greasy spoons in America. These are offered, I'm certain, as a palliative for the tables of Chinese diners who frequent the place. But this Chinese orientation can be a tremendous advantage: Belachan turns out the city's best Hainanese chicken, a dish named after an island in China's southernmost province. The big bird is slow-poached in pork broth, rendering it plump and tender, and arrives at your table awash in a light soy sauce festively decorated with cukes and scallions. The straightforward cooking method allows the bird's quintessential chicken-ness to shine. You've never had fresher tasting poultry.


Blogger Turnip Patch said...

I am a transplanted New Yorker (Brooklyn), currently living in North Carolina. Seeing you site bring back a lot of memories. I am glad to see some of the old hang outs are still around. This makes we want to start my next visit earlier than planned.
Thank you

10:48 PM


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