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Friday, April 27, 2007

San Pellegrino's Best Restaurants of 2007

Some interesting results in San Pellegrino's survey of the world's best restaurants. New York doesn't really make an impressive showing. These are the top ten:

1. El Bulli Spain
2. The Fat Duck U.K.
3. Pierre Gagnaire France
4. The French Laundry U.S.
5. Tetsuya's Australia
6. Bras France
7. Mugaritz Spain
8. Le Louis XV Monaco
9. Per Se U.S.
10. Arzak Spain


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised. New York is full of hype on all fronts, including haute cuisine. It's more about pounding yourself on the chest than actual accomplishments. Most top restaurants here depend on bankers for their business and bankers have a conservative taste. The sub-toppers go for big flashy settings to attact the middle management and suburban crowd. To me NY's culinary strength lies in the small ethnic places from all over the world in the outer boroughs.

11:17 PM


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