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Monday, April 09, 2007

Roebling Tea Room

For $6.00 I was impressed with the frittata at the Roebling Tea Room. Tasty and light, it was chock full of tomatoes and asparagus. Served with a side of lightly-dressed arugula, it's perfect for breakfast or a lunch with a glass of wine. For $1.50 the toasted pumpernickel from Amy's bakery is another good deal. That bread was delicious.

With its general store meets industrial chic atmosphere the restaurant is also charming.

Roebling Tea Room is located at 143 Roebling Street, 718-963-0760


Blogger sbackl said...

I came across this place by accident I had programmed my Halfords Tom Tom Sat Nav wrong and I ended up here it is a great place for lunch.

8:23 AM


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