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Thursday, May 25, 2006

New Product Alert: Wine Cellar Sorbets

Most of the time when I'm food shopping I usually either don't try the demo products or I try them and never buy them.

The other day I was in Blue Apron in Park Slope and they were doing a tasting of Wine Cellar Sorbets. I love wine and ice cream, so I gave it a try and this time I bought one.

The sorbets are made with real wine (two full glasses in each pint). They are an alcoholic adult treat and very refreshing. The flavors I liked best were cabernet and sauterne. The sweet dessert wine translated well into a frozen dessert.

What's more -- they are based in Brooklyn.


Anonymous jollycorner said...

I agree with Meresy, you should write more about gardening.
I would also like to see the growth of the street garden.
I am going to try the cheesecake, maybe this weekend.

11:11 AM


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