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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Dean & Deluca - What's the Big Deal?

Leaving Brooklyn for a moment, I would just like to ask, what's the big deal with Dean & Deluca? On a day off from work as I was wondering the streets of Soho I stopped at Dean & Deluca for a cup of coffee. It was terrible. It tasted like the instant Sanka that my grandmother used to drink. The few times I've actually shopped there the prepared foods were average and the produce just not fresh enough. Overrated and overpriced I'd say.


Blogger Cary Raffle, Certified Personal Trainer said...

I used to work upstairs. Overpriced. The coffee at Balthazar around the corner costs a quarter more but is worth it. The one saving grace at D&D was the bread, great selection, prices, and samples.

7:19 PM


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