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Friday, December 23, 2005

Are Chocolate Bars the New Cigar Bars?

Remember about a decade ago when cigar bars were all the rage? They weren't just places to smoke cigars, but also to savor a digestif, brandy or wine. The concept was a glutton's dream and there are still a few around even in non-smoking New York City. Lately, I've been noticing another dream come true. Chocolate bars are opening up like there's no tomorrow.

Park Slope already has "chocolate boutique and dessert cafe," The Chocolate Room, on 5th Avenue which also serves wine. And now there is The Cocoa Bar on 7th Avenue offering a similar concept: coffee, chocolate and wine. Really, what more does one need in life? Three of my favorite foods and now we're nearly spoiled for choice.

But I'm left wondering is this just a flash in the pan? Let's hope not.

The Cocoa Bar is located at 228 7th Avenue, 718-499-4080 and The Chocolate Room is located at 86 5th Avenue, 718-783-2900.


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