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Monday, November 21, 2005

Thanksgiving Tips

Here are a few useful links on everything from carving a turkey to menu planning. Lots of recipes for deep frying a turkey. They say it's delicious, but the thought of it alone turns me off. You could deep fry shoe leather and it would taste good.

Celebrate with Epicurious

Let's Talk Turkey (Foodnetwork)

Thanksgiving on Martha Stewart.com

What to make first? A plan (NY Times)

The pilgrims didn't brine (NY Times)

Fit for a pilgrim (LA Times)

Eating Out for Thanksgiving in Brooklyn

A bit of history (The History Channel)


Blogger meresy_g said...

so what all are you making for the big day? Are you doing a cranberry thing? I'm looking for a new cranberry relish dish. Thanks for all the links.

1:52 PM

Blogger EFB said...

I'm going to try making a cranberry jelly. there is a recipe in this month's gourmet. sounds really good.

3:58 PM


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